MR16 (SD28A)

MR16 (SD28A)
MR16 (SD28A)
MR16 (SD28A)
MR16 (SD28A)

Product Description

Wonka has just introduced a whole new line of replacement LED lamps. There has never been a reliable MR16 replacement lamp until now. It is a completely sealed, wet-location approved design.

The electronics are weather coated to match the end-use application, assuring superior durability for all-weather performance. All of the bulbs have a cast aluminum heat sink for enhanced thermal management.

Product Advantage

  • Potted and/or coated electronics protect against moisture.

  • Designed and listed for outdoor use in enclosed fixtures or wet locations.

  • Dimmable with most magnetic transformers

  • Integrated, high output LEDs tightly binned for high CRI, color uniformity an color quality.

  • Generates consistent light output for systems with an operating range from 12v to 24v AC/DC with no loss in light output.

  • High total lumens and lumens per watt (efficacy).

  • 50,000 hour life in an enclosed fixture,defective rate<0.3%.

  • cETL & FCC & CE compliant

Product Parameter

Product Design


Manual Dimmer - Low Voltage (KZ04A)


MR16 (SD17A)
MR16 (SD28E)
LED Module MR16 (SD33C)
LED Module MR16 RGBW (SD33C1)





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